Smart Lithium ion Battery Pack Solution for Service Robot

Large Power 2017-02-11 17:29:33

 (Key words:smart robot battery)With Robot increasing (industrial robot and service robot) in all kinds of field and IT fast development, the global enters in the new age of smart robots. It requests that matched lithium ion battery pack can meet robot mechanical structure , control driving system , sensory system , interactive system and multifunction integration request , which could solve robot athletic ability in complex environment and improve overall sensory system and decision ability .

(1) Service Robot Battery Design Request :
According to customer’s request and specification, large power design matched robot battery packs, which integrate smart voltameter with communication protocol, lithium battery and safety protection in your solution and share the information with hosts, then finally achieve the reasonable, high efficiency and safe battery management solution. In the overall solution, large takes smart battery pack and hosts integration as the direction and ensure batteries, battery packs and whole system safety and meet relevant design regulation and certification standard . Meanwhile, in order to ensure lithium ion battery safety and reliability, the battery packs need to use multilayer protection, which could prevent battery damaged because of overcharging, over discharging or short circuit.

(2) Service Robot Battery Solution

  • PCM: PCM is the protection circuit, which mainly used for rechargeable battery packs (mainly generally  refer to lithium battery) .In order to avoid burning and explosion, PCM need to have over charging , over discharging ,short circuit , over current and over temperature functions because of the battery chemical features. 
  • Protection IC: The IC is the key protection chip, which could constantly monitor over charging, over discharging, over current, short current of the battery .In this way, the battery pack could work well under safe and high efficiency range. 
  • Battery  Cell: UR18650FM Li-ion cell(SANYO)
  • MOSEFT: The MOSFET plays switch role in protection circuit, which could ensure the both ends load not to go up and go down forever and keep voltage stabilization.
  • Power management control chip (BQ40Z50-R1): The power detector with complete function has the voltage and temperature ADC and current and charging ADC .It has the microprocessor, which could provide remaining power information. BQ40Z50-R1 could provide rest run time. The host could check this information from power detector at any time and provide it to the user. The power detector is very convenient, which could let users to master battery energy.
  • Battery pack sealing: PVC Tube
  • Schematic diagram 

  • Drawing