LiFePO4 Battery

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Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 ,LFP) battery, refers to the lithium-ion battery which use  LiFePO4  as a cathode material.

Battery model:26650/35650/18650
Features: high safety (safety factor is higher than the conventional lithium-ion battery and polymer lithium battery ), long recycle life (more than 2000 times), wide temperature is good (operating temperature ranges from -20℃~+75℃), environmental protection and no memory effect.
Applications: LiFePO4 batteries are widely used in large electric vehicles, electric bicycles, golf carts, battery cars, forklifts, clean cars, electric wheelchairs, power tools, solar and wind power storage equipments, UPS and emergency lights, warning Lights and miner's lamp (the best security) and so on.
Products design is in line with UL、CE、FCC、PSE、KC、BSMI、UN38.3、RoHS and relevent certification standards.

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How to Customize Lithium ion Battery Packs ?

Taking Project Management, technology innovation and elite team as basis, Large Power’s custom li-ion battery products and solutions fully expresses its core competence in fast response, excellence, customization and after-sales guarantee. It creates more value for end users in the process of providing special-usage lithium ion battery products and solutions.


  1. Product Request Details: We need you to fill a Product Request Form, we check it and make sure it is complete and clear enough.
  2. Feasibility Evaluation and Project Launch: Project manager will organize the project team and evaluate its feasibility in aspects of EE, mechanism, software, electrochemistry, workmanship, quality and supply chain. Then, Feasibility Study Report will be released for the Project Manager’s approval for project launch.
  3. Product Design and Review Project Manager will organize R&D team to start product design including ID designer, mechanical engineer, EE engineer, battery engineer, software engineer.
  4. Design Verification and Review: Prototype sample to be made for verifications, including but not limited to schematic, PCBA layout, ID, mechanical design, software design, battery performance, sample making and test, problems and solutions, EB1, tooling fabrication, pilot run, sample full test and customer approval.
  5. Workmanship Verification and Pilot Run: We will follow Large Power’s Technical Manual, to draw up SOP which meets
  6. Product Certification Test: Samples will be submitted for overall tests according to Large Power’s Reliability Test Standard of Lithium ion Battery Products, in the meantime, to apply certification test as per customer’s request in authorized third-party Lab.
  7. Project Ending: To get customer acceptance, collect and store important documents and summarize loss and gain of the .
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