Portable UPS Power Supply Solution

Large Power 2017-02-10 17:42:10
(Keyword: Portable UPS Power Supply ) Portable UPS storage power supply are applied in our daily life for outdoor use .In AC supply unstable area, UPS can ensure your life and working not to be affected by sudden power off. This portable UPS integrates lithium battery, AC charge, inverter AC output, and other functions. There are 4 advantages: small size, light weight, long life and easy to carry. The functions such as low noise, high conversion efficiency, and very strong load ability provide reliable, high-quality AC power supply for your equipment.

This product is applied in ATM,  ADM , 24-hour unmanned machine room, emergency communications, medical equipment, monitoring security systems, outdoor activities,office , personal computer  so on . 

(1) UPS battery design requirements
Outdoor portable power supply is provided with high operating voltage, long and special environmental temperature requirements. For the battery cells, it chooses long-life LiFePo4 batteries, with 15S 16 P to meet customer’s parameter requirements. For lithium battery circuit protection, It uses 15 series hardware protection circuit and 15series charge balance circuit , which could achieve UPS lithium batteries maximum current 160A, continuous discharge current 50A and charging balance current 45mA requirements. It also has inverter protection, short circuit protection, over power protection, input under voltage protection, lithium ion battery protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection and high temperature controlling, fan rotation and other functions. The product specifications are as below:

(2) Portable UPS Power Supply Solution

  • PCM: Mainly designed for rechargeable lithium battery protection circuit. Due to the chemical characteristics of lithium batteries, PCM need to provide overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, overcurrent protection.
  • Charge balance module: Balance battery voltage difference when charging, and enhance the cell and voltage consistency to extend battery packs usage life.
  • Battery cell: IFR26650/3200mAh/3.2V (Long recycle life battery cell)
  • Inverter module: When the grid voltage exceeds the limit or power off, UPS immediately switch to the battery inverter power supply with no power conversion time, which will not affect the normal operation of computers and precision electronic equipment ,and not lead to the data and files lost .The battery inverter output is stable AC 220V , output frequency is 50HZ, AC conversion time is 0mS, conversion efficiency is ≥84%, output active power is ≥800W.
  • Bypass module: The power grid can be converted into real-time steady-frequency AC power supply, to provide a clean power supply for the computer load. In the light load case, the widest input voltage ranges up to 108V-300V, 100% load can reach 155V-300V, which can meet the extremely poor power grid work environment’s requirements, and reduce battery discharge frequency and extend battery life.
  • Status indication: Product’s LED screen can indicate AC supply or batteries powered working status, battery capacity, load status, etc.
  • Computer screen display:  It can indicate the working status of the UPS, AC supply or battery powered working status, the battery capacity rate, load status, battery voltage and so on through the software on the host.
(3) Portable UPS Power Supply Assembly Drawing

(4) UPS Power Supply’s main Features:

  • High-frequency half-bridge inverter mode, no output isolation transformer, small size, light weight, easy installation and transportation.
  • Under light load conditions, the widest input voltage ranges up to 108V-300V, 100% load can reach 155V-300V, which can meet the extremely poor power grid working environment, and reduce battery discharge frequency and extend battery life.
  • Adopting PFC power factor correction technology for input, input power factor can reach 0.99 or more, which improves the utilization of AC supply and reduce the input line loss.
  • UPS uses online working mode, the AC output voltage stabilization frequency, no conversion time when AC power off to make sure that the equipment is not effected when power off , to keep the safety of communications equipment, power, superior communication adaptability, suitable for generator work.
  • With a variety of protection functions, such as overload, short circuit, lightning, over-temperature protection and so on, even under extreme conditions it will not produce damage, and it can resume automatically and restart if it needs protection under a variety of external conditions.
  • UPS can be set to normal working mode and unattended mode, in unattended mode, it is with the call automatically starts, fault detection from the judge, automatically troubleshooting and other functions for automatic protection and detection, which can be fully realized unattended Work mode, to avoid increasing  workload of equipment maintenance.
  • Output AC is sine wave, suitable for all load types. The appropriate amount of inductive load, capacitive load, non-linear load all can use UPS, which has a variety of strict protection, to ensure the safety of electricity.
  • UPS AC input side has D-class lightning protection components which can meet the general impact of lightning induction ,and keep the equipment from lightning damage.
  • When the UPS discharge to the battery low-voltage protection, under this state, the UPS has a very low battery leakage current to avoid the damage to the battery under the conditions of AC power off and long-term recovery time.
  • In the case that the switching time is not strict, the UPS can be set in the ECO working mode to save energy and improve the system conversion efficiency.
  • According to the outdoor work environment, UPS can add the temperature compensation function, which can automatically adjust the float voltage according to the ambient temperature to keep the battery capacity and meet the requirements of battery life.