Medical Laptop B - Ultrasonic Smart Lithium Battery Solution

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(keyword: Medical smart lithium battery) In recent years, due to the rapid development of lithium batteries, many portable products use voltage measurements to estimate the battery’s remaining capacity, but the relationship between the battery voltage and the remaining capacity will be with the discharge rate, temperature and battery aging changes, The error rate of the measure method is up to 50%. As the market demand is increasing for long-time use products, so it needs more accurate design solutions. Using a smart electricity energy meter IC to measure the electricity of battery charged or consumed will provide a more accurate estimation of battery power over a wide range of application power levels.

(1) Laptop B - Ultrasonic Smart Battery Design Requirements
Based on customer’s requirements and specifications, we design notebook B-smart battery pack matched with host ,which include communication protocol of the smart fuel gauge lithium battery and security features integrated in your solution to reach the smart battery pack and host information sharing for the ultimate realization of reasonable, efficient and safe battery management program. In the design of the entire program, taking  safety of batteries, battery packs and the entire system as the prerequisite to meet the corresponding design regulations and certification regulations for the first choice. At the same time in order to ensure the safety and reliability of lithium batteries, battery internal multi-layer protection should be taken to prevent lithium battery overcharge, over discharge or short circuit destroyed.

(2) Laptop B - Ultrasonic smart battery design solutions:

  • PCM: Mainly to protect electronic line of rechargeable battery pack (generally refers to the lithium battery) , due to the chemical characteristics of lithium batteries, it needs to provide overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, overcurrent and over temperature protection to avoid the risk of combustion, explosion and so on.
  • Protection IC: BQ29330DBT designed to online monitor the battery charge, over discharge, overcurrent, short-circuit current functions, to keep the battery cell working under stable and high efficiency range.
  • Fuse :T6D Mainly for secondary protection functions design, fuse can avoid battery discharge at high the unsafe over current.
  • 18650 Li-ion battery cell:NCR18650A Panasonic.
  • MOSFET: Two different model of MOSFET AON6404, The MOSFET plays switch role in protection circuit, which could ensure the both ends load not to go up and go down forever and keep voltage stabilization.
  • Power management control chip (BQ20z70DBT): A full-featured power meter with an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that measures voltage and temperature and an analog-to-digital converter that measures current and charge sensing. There is a microprocessor in the electric energy meter which is responsible to execute electric energy meter enable to provide such as Remain State of Capacity information, and so on. BQ20z70DBT products also provide Run time to Empty. The host could check this information from power detector at any time and provide it to the user.The power detector is very convenient, which could let users to master battery energy.
  • Battery pack sealing: PVC Tube
  • Laptop B - Ultrasonic smart battery solution Schematic diagram

  • Laptop B - Ultrasonic Output port definition diagram
  • Laptop B – Ultrasonic smart battery realize solution