48V 50Ah Communication Base Station Lithium ion Battery Pack Solution

Large Power 2017-02-10 18:23:25

(Keyword: Base station lithium ion battery ) Our company researched intelligent high-power communications power supply, in order to solve lack power station and maintenance difficult issues for a wide range of base stations. Adopted standard modular design, it can stack battery module according to different requirement of the base station, the power use BMS system to manage and monitor battery unit to keep smart battery detect IC detecting battery’s discharging capacity. So the users can know the rest capacity directly. Through Wi-Fi and other radio communication equipment, it can connect with mobile phones and other mobile terminals in real time, allowing users grasp the operation of the equipment and power storage more easily.

(1) Communication Base Station Lithium Ion Battery Pack Design Requirements:
According to customer requirements and specifications, we design smart battery packs which can support host-side, and with portable communication protocol, intelligent power statistics, battery temperature and other security features combined. It adds WIFI wireless communication technology, connects the terminal control equipment.
Specific design parameters required as below:

  • Battery cell requirements: LiFePo4 26650-15S16P / 50Ah / 48V combination.
  • Mechanical design requirements: Exquisite appearance, using 1.5mm cold-rolled plate to fight the ribs, surface dusting treatment. The front plate adopts the aviation grade aluminum alloy, and oxidation drawing processing. Surface LOGO is laser engraving.
  • Circuit design requirements: Accurate power management and accurate LED power display. SBS smart battery manage system design solution can effect manage the rest capacity at any time. Accurate LED power display, effectively displays the remaining battery power in the form of LED lights to the user in order to achieve the purpose of efficient and intuitive. With WIFI wireless-communication technology, let the device be connected to a wireless terminal. Coming to realize real-time view, controlling equipment.
  • (2) Communication Base Station Lithium Ion Battery Pack Solution
  • Aluminum and Metal house and plastic battery bracket: Metal housing with painted, keeping strong mechanical structure and good appearance. One piece nickel strap matches plastic battery bracket. It keeps the batteries connection, which could help to reduce the resistance. It uses standard 3U case and the universal is good. The customer could randomly extend the capacity. The handle could be foldable, which could save space and move battery pack easily.
  • Smart power voltmeter PCM: It use smart BMS and advanced power calculation principle to precisely count the power and provide batteries power to the host by SMBUS. It also has protection function for chargeable smart battery packs (lithium ion battery). Meanwhile, BMS needs to provide power calculation, overcharging, over discharging, short circuit and over temperature owing to battery chemical characters, which could avoid burning, explosion and other dangers. Keep connection with mobile terminal by Increasing WIFI wireless communication technology, it could check the equipment power, temperature anywhere and anytime and monitor the equipment operation.
  • LED power display: 3.5inch LCD, displaying all battery packs power, voltage, current, temperature and so on. The LED power indicator visually display calculating battery capacity by smart power voltmeter based on 20% power proportion, so users could use it efficiently and intuitively.
  • PTC: PTC is mainly designed for the second protection. PTC could recover fuse which have over current protection and self-recovery function. It also could prevent battery high temperature discharging and unsafe big current from happening.
  • Thin film key panel 
  • Solution flow chart
  • The wiring diagram
  • PCB Layout Drawing
  • Assembly drawing