48V/100Ah Household Storage Batteries equipment Solution

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(Key words: Household storage batteries )
With new LiFePO4 cathode material appearance, LiFePO4 battery applications are constantly expanded and widely used in more and more fields.

The product is taken as the high capacity storage batteries, which also applies in our daily life and provides energy storage for PV, wind power and new energy in AC supply lack and instability area.

(1) 48V/100Ah household storage batteries equipment requirement:

According to customer’s marketing demand and specification (Home energy storage, UPS storage) and actual condition of daily electric power using, the power usage need to meet the capacity of 5kwh/day. About batteries, it uses LiFePO4 batteries and 16 S 32 P combinations to achieve customer’s requirements. 
As per lithium battery protection , it uses 16series hardware protection circuit , 16series parallels charging balance circuit , temperature protection circuit , 485 communication , SOC power display screen , which could achieve the max current 160A and sostenuto discharging current 100A of storage batteries .The Lithium battery protection includes short circuit , over charging , over discharging , over current , temperature ,balance and some other protections .

1) 48V/100Ah household storage batteries attributes:

  • Voltage: 51.2V
  • Capacity:100AH(5120Ah)
  • Dimension:335*376*560mm
  • Internal resistance:≤100mΩ
  • Weight:70KG
  • Charging current:≤50A
  • Continuous discharging current:100A
  • Protection current:300A
  • Charging voltage:58.4V
  • Discharging cut-off voltage:39V
  • Cycle time:≥1500 times
  • Charging temperature:0~45℃ 
  • Discharging temperature:-20~60 ℃
  • Storage temperature:-20~35 ℃
  • Battery temperature protection: 70℃±5℃
  • Product housing: Metal housing, the housing color could be customized.
2) Circuit specification:
  • Single Battery over charging protection voltage:3.75±0.05V  
  • Single Battery over charging recovery voltage:3.5±0.05V  
  • Single Battery over discharging protection voltage:2.3±0.08V
  • Single Battery over discharging recovery voltage:2.8±0.10V
  • Battery over current protection value(300~700uS):300A  
  • Over charging detector delay 0.5~2S   
  • Battery over temperature protection value (restorability):70±5℃
  • Finished battery packs equipment need to have short circuit and reverse charging protection  
  • Battery cycle life: above 1500times (international charging and discharging standard)
3 )  Main features:
  • Safe Battery packs, high temperature resistance, long cycle time 
  • Long cycle time battery packs accord to with low carbon, energy efficiency, environment friendly value.
  • Built-in BMS with multifunction protection .The PCM/BMS protection system fully use the most advanced chip and MOS from Japan and America, which is equipped with balance and temperature protection.
  • LiFePO4 battery material available 
  • Use domestic famous brand battery and ensure battery pack consistence, stability, safety 
  • Use series and parallel combination and battery modular design.
  • Battery with built-in temperature protection
  • With the display screen (display SOC, voltage, current and fault)

(2) 48V/100Ah household storage batteries equipment solution:

  • BMS: BMS is protection circuit for chargeable smart battery packs. BMS needs to provide power calculation, overcharging, over discharging, short circuit and over temperature owing to battery chemical characters, which could avoid burning, explosion and other dangers.
  • Protection IC :Protection IC is the main protection chip, which could online monitor battery over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit and ensure batteries to work well in safe , stable , high efficiency range .
  • PTC: PTC is mainly designed for the second protection. PTC could recover fuse which has over current protection and self-recovery function. It also could prevent battery high temperature discharging and unsafe big current from happening.
  • 26650 LiFePO4 cell
  • MOSEFT: The MOSFET plays switch role in protection circuit, which could ensure the both ends load not to go up and go down forever and keep voltage stabilization. 
(3) Schematic diagram

(4) Finished products drawing