24V/40Ah High Power Battery Pack for AGV

Large Power 2017-02-07 16:52:45
Introduction: (keywords: 24V/40Ah high power battery pack for AGV) The 24V/40Ah battery pack product is designed to provide power for AGV, which has the advantages of long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, excellent deep discharge ability, high charging efficiency, strong power, good seismic capacity and low maintenance.
(1) Design Requirements of 24V/40Ah Battery Pack for AGV
Based on product requirements and customers ’demands of 30-40 kilo mileage per day and operating temperature of minus twenty degree, the 24V/40Ah battery pack uses top 3.2V/3200mAh Lifepo4 battery, 8P13S, with rated current 20A and max current 35A. Battery protection, that is to say, 8p hardware protection + 8p charge blancing protection + temperature protection, have been tested so many times and approved by GB/T 18287-2000. The 24V/40Ah battery pack has been applied in electric vehicles, industry instruments, and other custom products with good stability. Below is the specifications:
1. Circuit specification
  • Overcharge Protection Voltage:3.9±0.25V
  • Overcharge Protection Recover Voltage:3.65±0.50V
  • Over discharge Protection Voltage:2.0±0.08V
  • Over discharge Protection Recover Voltage:2.8±0.10V
  • Over current protection:60A
  • Rated discharge current:≤ 20A
  • Temperature protection:70±5 degree
  • Short circuit protection, polarity protection
  • Cycle life:1000~1500times
2.Housing:sheet metal with various color
(2) Design of 24V/40Ah Battery Pack for AGV
  • PCM:Over charge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection and temperature protection to avoid explosion of chargeable lithium battery.
  • Protection IC:Monitor battery operation to protect over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit.
  • Temperature Switch:Over-heating protection, when battery temperature reaches 75 degree, switch will turn off; when battery temperature goes down, switch will turn on automatically.
  • Lithium ion Battery: 26650/3200mAh/3.2V 
  • MOSFET:Keep voltage stable 
(3) Specification of 24V/40Ah Battery Pack for AGV
  • Rated Voltage:24V (25.6V)
  • Rated Capacity:40AH
  • Size:310*210*120mm
  • Impedance:≤100mΩ
  • Weight:8.5KG
  • Charging Current:≤12A
  • Discharging Current:≤ 20A
  • Protection Current:35A
  • Charging Voltage:29.2V
  • Discharging Cut-off Voltage:20V
  • Cycle life:≥1500 Times
  • Charging Temperature:0~45℃ 
  • Discharging Temperature:-20~60 ℃
  • Storage Temperature:-20~35 ℃
  • Protection Temperature:70℃±5℃
(4) Feature of 24V/40Ah Battery Pack for AGV
  • Good safety, high temperature resistance, long cycle life
  • Environmental friendly, energy saving, environmental protection
  • Built in BMS
  • LiMn2O4, Li-Ni-Co-Mn-O, LiFePO4 battery available
  • Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG battery and domestic top battery available
  • Various battery structure design
  • Battery temperature protection
  • Power capacity self-checking
(5) Schematic Diagram:

(6) Mechanical Design of 5.6V/38.4Ah Battery Pack for AGV