24V 20Ah Lithium ion Battery Pack for Cleaning Robot

Large Power 2017-02-13 13:35:38
(keywords: lithium ion battery pack for cleaning robot) With the rapid development of smart control technology and sensor devices, robots with various function have been applied in many fields, and there are also specialized robots that work in special environments for humans. Large Power has developed and designed a battery pack for cleaning robot used in solar power plants. The battery has so strong weather fastness to resist temperature from minus 25 degree to 65 degree that is able to work in place with big temperature difference like Tibet. With its high energy density, high voltage and high rate discharge ability, the battery pack enables the robots to work longer in all kinds of bad conditions, which meets the demands to work all the time.
(1) Design Requirements of 24V 20Ah Battery Pack for Cleaning Robot
Based on products requirements and customers ’demands to work under extreme environments, heating module has been added into PCBA which enables the battery pack work safely all day even under minus 25 degree.
  • Battery Shape: Lefepo4 battery in square aluminum housing(LP2770134-8S1P/20Ah/25.6V)
  •  Structure: Waterproof, shakeproof and dustproof; Size75*145*300mm
  • PCBA:24V/20Ah, charging current 6A,working current 9A, max 15A; Balancing circuit to protect individual battery; Built in heating module to ensure the battery pack work under minus 25 degree to 60 degree.
(2) 24V 20Ah Lithium ion Battery Pack Design for Cleaning Robot
  • Sheet metal shell: Designed with sheet metal shell as per customer’s requirements, black powder sprayed on the surface to avoid oxidation and discolor. Sealing strip to achieves waterproof, dustproof, and shake-proof. 4 holes reserved for charging cable, discharging cable, temp sensor and heating cable. 5mm-thick temperature insulation material is used. Pull handle for each carrying. op cover is easy to be removed from the main body convenient for battery maintenance.
  • PCM Design: High-accuracy BMS for information collection. With over charge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, temperature protection to avoid explosion of chargeable lithium battery.
  • Heating Device: Pre-heating under low temp, 5W*9pcs soft heating film in parallel covers every battery, heating process takes around 30 minutes. To ensure heating effect, when the internal temp and charging end temp reaches 0℃, delays heating for 10 minutes. 
  • PTC: Secondary protection. PTC is able to recover fuse with function of over correction and auto recovery.PTC avoids discharging under high temp and unsafe high current.
  • Battery cell: LP2770134-8S1P/20Ah/25.6V battery pack
  • Design show
(3) Drawing of 24V 20Ah Lithium ion Battery Pack for Cleaning Robot

(4) Features of 24V 20Ah Lithium ion Battery Pack for Cleaning Robot
  • Long cycle life, over 70% capacity after 1000 cycles
  • Extreme working Temp, works normally under -20℃~+60℃ 
  • Built-in battery monitoring unit, accurately detects battery voltage, temp, capacity etc and communicate with host engine, which enhance safety of it
  • Alloy housing with high strength, high temp resistant and flame retardant. It is able to work normally in case of huge strike. Pull handle for easy carrying
  • The battery has passed all the tests in QC/T743-2006 EV Used Lithium ion Battery Standard
  • Easy assembly