Yao Kang, Deputy Secretary of Dongguan city, inspected LARGE

Large Power 2012-11-09 08:34:31

In the morning of October 18, Yao Kang, Deputy Secretary of Dongguan city, Deng Zhiguang, Secretary of Municipal Politics and Law Committee, and Chen Zhijian, District Director, inspected LARGE, mainly focusing on the situation of Technology development and transition.

Mr. Zhu Yun, General Manager of LARGE, explained the transition process from Production-oriented enterprises to Technology research and development enterprise in details, and mentioned that E-commerce Sales accounted for 60% of company turnover.

LARGE is a typical enterprise realizing Leapfrog development by transition, with the extension of product line, LARGE changes Business Model timely according to different market characteristics, and finds a Restructuring and development road of Primary battery processing trade to rechargeable battery production design, and finally to Mobile power e-commerce. Currently, LARGE has developed into a rich product line, diversification, and sales channels of modern high-tech enterprise, and an important well-known domestic enterprise in battery industry.

According to the tread of vigorous development of domestic and international Internet, LARGE realized the importance of e-commerce in business earlier, and developed Domestic B2B, B2C, C2C Business and International B2C business, covering several kinds of E-commerce systems for Mobile power, lithium-ion battery, Nickel-metal hydride battery, alkaline battery, zinc-manganese battery.

With the emerging of digital electronic products, LARGE improved company's overall performance by rapid increases in brand awareness and active promotion of E-commerce sector, in addition, LARGE got strong support of Technology Park and Southern District Government, and has been affirmed by relevant departments of Dongguan City and Guangdong Province.
Yao Kang inspected the establishing of e-commerce sector, and visited Research and development center, testing center, and Pilot Plant, heard the instruction, and then said that the road of transformation and upgrading is right, only this way can broaden the path of enterprises.