The tenth anniversary ceremony of LARGE is held in Guilin

Large Power 2011-11-25 08:52:16
LARGE turned 10 in 2011, the firm decided to celebrate it in Guangxi Guilin which is a domestic tourist’s attraction between November 10th and November 13th.

The LARGE personnel located in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Suzhou, Fujian, Beijing and so on, went to Yangshuo of Guilin separately.

The evening party began at 18, the banner of ‘the tenth anniversary ceremony of LARGE Electronic’ was uphung at the party, when the host entered the place in high spirits accompanied with melodious music, the song and dance ‘oh my beautiful prairie my home’ brought field staffs into the scene of poetical prairie, the brilliant performances opened up the tenth anniversary of LARGE.
The whole party had 14 self-wrote and self-performed programs, respectively produced by each region in different apartments, multitudinous and content-rich; the programs not only contained yu opera, songs and performance, but also had dances, sketches, violin performance, elocnte intonation and other forms. The party was permeated with a cheerful and warm atmosphere, the elocnte intonation of Shenzhen marketing center, ‘the praise of LARGE’s great ten years’ won the first prize because of its sheer enthusiasm, noble cultural connotation and deep love as always.

Mr.Zhu Yun, the general manager of company, delivered a speech on behalf of the company, he retrospected with great feeling the development history of LARGE Electronics, sincerely appreciated all company’s partners, all the family members and people from all walks of life who are concerned about LARGE development, he especially expressed his heartfelt concern and care to the staffs who were and are working for LARGE. The party celebration lasted for three hours and ended in the chorus of ‘tomorrow will be better’.

From 11th to 12th, all staffs of the company visited the sight of Guilin, realized folk custom, enjoyed the sights of Li River, Silver Cave, Big Banyan Tree where Liu Sanjie and Aniu fell in love, Ju Longtan, Totem Road, Yulong River and other sights successively. Wherever we went, we could experience the charming landscape in Guilin.

13th, the last day of our tour was spent in Guilin, we viewed Elephant Trunk Hill, Jingjiang Princes City, and waved goodbye to Solidary Beauty Peak at last, which means we finished the entire Guilin tourism trip and also represented the formal end of the tenth anniversary celebration organized by the company.

During the four days in Guilin, the season was late autumn, but these four days concentrated our enthusiasm of four seasons as a member of LARGE. Mountains in Guilin witnessed the achievement of LARGE; crystalline rivers in Guilin explain the culture of LARGE; the unique caves in Guilin inform the innovative consciousness of LARGE; the beautiful stones abundant in Guilin reflect the generous mind of LARGE staffs. Goodbye, Guilin, just like LARGE is saying goodbye to the past ten years, however, farewell doesn’t means lethe, because the new age always makes its mark on history. Beautiful Guilin, LARGE employees look forward to meeting you again, with better favorable results and more dreams.