Battery Packs

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3.7v lithium battery pack for water meter

This is made specifically for the smart water meter. Having a capacity of 7500maH along with a Sanyo 18650 lithium battery cell in parallel, this battery pack will meet work time requirement. The major features include stable performance, high output voltage, stable performance, low self-discharge, high safety and a long lifespan.

Advantages of 3.7v lithium battery pack

1.It has a built-in protection circuit to prevent over discharge, overcharge, short-circuit and over current.

2.A new eco-friendly battery cell, long lifetime, high voltage, high capacity, low self-discharge and high safety.

3.The PCM makes use of S8261-G2GIC made by Seiko.

4.Packed in a delicate PVC container with the identity printed on it.

5.The product is strictly inspected before delivery.

6.Battery-related standards are strictly adhered to according to international standards and requirements.

7.Its lifetime is 500 times longer than regular batteries.

8.Complete product models and batteries are customized according to customers' requirement.

This battery is made by a big 3.7v lithium battery manufacturer and comes with a charger. The limit charge voltage is 4.2v and standard charge current is 0.5C. For every 3.7v lithium battery pack charger, the following requirement must be met: Input: 100v/240v, 50Hz/60Hz, Output: 4.2v/3A

This battery is used in consumer products, industrial instruments, consumer electronic products, medical device, smart water meter, test equipment and many other areas.


7.4v 6600mAh 18650 Li-ion battery pack

7.4v 6600mAh 18650 Li-ion battery pack is used for LED lighting and portable devices. This battery is made by a 7.4v lithium battery manufacturer and has a couple of notable features such as:

1.It can be customized according to the request of clients.

2.The material used for the anode is LiCoO2 which has the advantage of a higher energy density, excellent life cycle, stable charge/discharge voltage and a working voltage of 4.2v-3.7v. The lifecycle of the battery is over 500 times with the capacity remaining above 80% after 300 cycles.

3.A 2-way protection IC circuit board built-in has a single cell over charge protection voltage 4.20v and over discharge protection voltage 2.7v.

The 7.4v lithium battery manufacturer of this battery pack has a good relationship with Samsung and is also an agent in the south China region for some time. The battery pack is assembled from Samsung for high-end product application.

This product is a UN38.3, RoHS, CE certified Li-ion battery pack which meets all international standards and requirements.


3S3P 11.1v Li-ion 6000mAh Rechargeable Battery with charger for medical instrument

This is also made by an 11.1v lithium battery manufacturer and is majorly used for medical instruments. Apart from that, it has other uses as follows:

1.Solar energy storage


3.POS machine


5.Car camera recorder

6.Camera/IP camera

7.LED strip/panel/light

Its battery charger is as follows: EU/UK/US – 12.6v.

Here are a few tips in handling this battery:

1.Don't let the battery get wet neither should you throw it in water.

2.Do not dismantle the battery

3.Do not hit it with a hammer

4.Do not throw the battery in fire or any form of heat

There are several uses of these battery packs and they are all manufactured according to standard. A 14.8v lithium battery manufacturer would produce a battery of this capacity for its own use and therefore, such battery cannot be used for other capacities.